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Data from: Local adaptation of trees at the range margins impact range shifts in the face of climate change
Republic of Burundi Addressing Fragility and Demographic Challenges to Reduce Poverty and Boost Sustainable Growth
Tajikistan Systematic Country Diagnostic : Making the National Development Strategy 2030 a Success - Building the Foundation for Shared Prosperity
Repuplic of Liberia From Growth to Development : Priorities for Sustainably Reducing Poverty and Achieving Middle-Income Status by 2030
Groundswell : Preparing for Internal Climate Migration
Neue Leitbilder für die Raumentwicklung in Deutschland - Rahmenbedingungen, Entwicklungsstrategien und Umsetzungskonzepte
Genomic evidence of demographic fluctuations and lack of genetic structure across flyways in a long distance migrant, the European turtle dove
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