Collection Description

BF Codes of Ethics

The Codes of Ethics Collection is a thematic collection that aims to build a comprehensive structure of professional codes of ethics. The collection has six main parts: References, About codes of ethics, Codes of ethics by sectors, Codes of ethics by professions, Codes of ethics by geography, Other voluntary ethical regulations.

Classification tree: overview

BF Codes of Ethics Collection

BF0     References

BF1    About codes of ethics
           BF100    Why are codes of ethics used?
           BF101    What are codes of ethics?
           BF102    How are codes of ethics developed and used?
           BF103    What limitations do codes of ethics have?
           BF104    Beyond codes of ethics - Values
           BF105    Law vs. codes of ethics

BF2    Codes of ethics by sectors
           BF200    State
           BF201    Private sector
           BF202    Public services (state or privately funded)
           BF203    Civil society
           BF204    Multisectorial (coalitions, etc.)

BF3    Codes of ethics by professions
           BF300    Primary industry
           BF301    Processing, manufacturing and utilities
           BF302    Trades, transport and equipment operators
           BF303    Sales and services
           BF304    Protective services
           BF305    Education
           BF306    Social sciences
           BF307    Legal
           BF308    Health
           BF309    Natural and applied sciences
           BF310    Culture, the arts, recreation, sports  
           BF311    Religion
           BF312    Business, finance and administration
           BF313    Management (public and private sector)
           BF314    Governance
           BF315    Multisectorial

BF4    Codes of ethics by geography   
           BF400    Africa   
           BF401    America        
           BF402    Asia            
           BF403    Europe   
           BF404    Oceania

BF5    Other voluntary ethical regulations
           BF500    Product certification
           BF501    Standardization
           BF502    Religious law (canon law, sharia, etc.)


Whole classification tree

BF Codes of ethics collection

BF0     References

BF1    About codes of ethics
           BF100    Why are codes of ethics used?
           BF101    What are codes of ethics?
           BF102    How are codes of ethics developed and used?
                           BF102-00    Development, implementation
                           BF102-01    Verification, evaluation
                           BF102-02    Violation, arbitration, sanctions
                           BF102-03    Effectiveness, enhancement
           BF103    What limitations do codes of ethics have?
           BF104    Beyond codes of ethics - Values
           BF105    Law vs. codes of ethics
BF2    Codes of ethics by sectors
           BF200    State
                           BF200-00    International and supranational
                                                 BF200-000    United Nations organizations
                                                 BF200-001    Supranational organizations (European Union, etc.)
                                                 BF200-002    Other (World Bank, etc.)
                           BF200-01    National
                                                 BF200-010    Military
                                                 BF200-011    Justice
                                                 BF200-012    Police
                                                 BF200-013    Political affairs (parliaments, etc.)
                                                 BF200-014    Public administration (ministries, etc.)
                                                 BF200-015    Public companies
                                                 BF200-016    Economy and Finance (SWFs, central banks, etc.)
BF200-017    Other
           BF201    Private sector
                           BF201-00    Multinationals
                                                 BF201-000    Primary sector
                                                 BF201-001    Secondary sector
                                                 BF201-002    Tertiary sector
                           BF201-01    Large companies (not multinational)   
                                                 BF201-010    Primary sector
                                                 BF201-011    Secondary sector
                                                 BF201-012    Tertiary sector
                           BF201-02    SMEs
                                                 BF201-020    Primary sector
                                                 BF201-021    Secondary sector
                                                 BF201-022    Tertiary sector
                           BF201-03    Entrepreneurship
                           BF201-04    Other
           BF202    Public services (state or privately funded)
                           BF202-00    Education
                           BF202-01    Energy and water supply
                           BF202-02    Environmental protection
                           BF202-03    Health care
                           BF202-04    Information and communication
                           BF202-05    Public security (excl. military, justice and police)
                           BF202-06    Social services
                           BF202-07    Transportation
                           BF202-08    Other
           BF203    Civil society
                           BF203-00    Advocacy and rights defenders organizations
                           BF203-01    Cultural organizations (museums, etc.)
                           BF203-02    Development and humanitarian organizations
                           BF203-03    Educational organizations
                           BF203-04    Environmental organizations
                           BF203-05    Political organizations (political parties, etc.)
                           BF203-06    Religious organizations (churches, etc.)
                           BF203-07    Sports organizations (federations, etc.)
                           BF203-08    Multiple purposes organizations
                           BF203-09    Employees representation organizations (unions)
                           BF203-10    Industrial representation organizations (industrial associations, etc.)
                           BF203-11    Professional representation organizations (professional orders, etc.)
                           BF203-12    Students representation organizations
                           BF203-13    Other representation organizations (employers' associations, etc.)
                           BF203-14    Funding organizations
                           BF203-15    Standardization organizations
                           BF203-16    Social entrepreneurship
                           BF203-17    Other
           BF204    Multisectorial (coalitions, etc.)

BF3    Codes of ethics by professions
           BF300    Primary industry
                           BF300-00    Agriculture workers (incl. horticulture, landscaping, etc.)
                           BF300-01    Animal husbandry and aquaculture workers
                           BF300-02    Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
                           BF300-03    Logging and forestry workers
                           BF300-04    Mining and quarrying workers
                           BF300-05    Oil and gas extraction workers
                           BF300-06    Other
           BF301    Processing, manufacturing and utilities
                           BF301-00    Electrical products manufacturing and assembly workers
                           BF301-01    Electronics manufacturing and assembly workers
                           BF301-02    Fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing workers
                           BF301-03    Food and non-alcoholic beverages processing and utilities workers
                           BF301-04    Forest products processing, pulping, papermaking and coating workers
                           BF301-05    Furniture and fixtures manufacturing and assembly workers
                           BF301-06    Glass, concrete, clay and stone forming workers
                           BF301-07    Mechanical products manufacturing and assembly workers
                           BF301-08    Mineral and metal processing and manufacturing workers
                           BF301-09    Motor vehicle assembling and manufacturing workers
                           BF301-10    Oil, coal, gas and chemical processing and utilities workers
                           BF301-11    Plastic and rubber products manufacturing and assembly workers
                           BF301-12    Textile processing and manufacturing workers
                           BF301-13    Tobacco and alcoholic beverages processing and utilities workers
                           BF301-14    Water supply, waste and wastewater treatment workers
                           BF301-15    Other   
           BF302    Trades, transport and equipment operators
                           BF302-00    Construction trades
                                                 BF302-000    Carpenters and cabinetmakers
                                                 BF302-001    Floor covering installers
                                                 BF302-002    Glaziers
                                                 BF302-003    Insulators
                                                 BF302-004    Masonry and plastering workers
                                                 BF302-005    Painters and coaters
                                                 BF302-006    Plumbers, pipefitters and gas fitters
                                                 BF302-007    Roofers and shinglers
                           BF302-01    Heavy equipment and crane operators   
                                                 BF302-010    Crane operators
                                                 BF302-011    Heavy equipment operators
                           BF302-02    Mechanics, installers and repairers   
                                                 BF302-020    Electric appliance services and repairers
                                                 BF302-021    Machinery mechanics
                                                 BF302-022    Transportation equipment mechanics
                                                 BF302-023    Waterworks and gas maintenance workers
                                                 BF302-024    Other repairers and servicers
                           BF302-03    Metal forming, shaping and erecting occupations
                                                 BF302-030    Blacksmiths, welders, etc.
                                                 BF302-031    Sheet metal workers, boilermakers, etc.
                                                 BF302-032    Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters
                                                 BF302-033    Tool and die makers
                           BF302-04    Power supply, telecommunication and related occupations   
                                                 BF302-040    Electricians
                                                 BF302-041    Stationary engineers
                                                 BF302-042    Telecommunication workers and technicians
                           BF302-05    Printing and related occupations   
                           BF302-06    Transportation equipment operators   
                                                 BF302-060    Boat crew and operators
                                                 BF302-061    Delivery and courier service drivers
                                                 BF302-062    Railway conductor
                                                 BF302-063    Railway track maintenance and yard workers
                                                 BF302-064    Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
                                                 BF302-065    Truck drivers, transit drivers and operators
                           BF302-07    Other
           BF303    Sales and services
                           BF303-00    Insurance sales specialists
                           BF303-01    Personal service workers
                                                 BF303-010    Astrologers, fortunetellers and related workers
                                                 BF303-011    Caretakers, building cleaners, garbage collectors, etc.
                                                 BF303-012    Childcare and home support workers
                                                 BF303-013    Personal care and related workers
                                                 BF303-014    Recreation and sport workers
                                                 BF303-015    Restaurant and hotel services workers
                                                 BF303-016    Travel and accommodation workers
                           BF303-02    Real estate sales specialists
                           BF303-03    Retail and wholesale buyers
                           BF303-04    Retail sales workers (shop sales workers, cashiers, demonstrators, etc.)
                           BF303-05    Wholesale trade workers
                           BF303-06    Other
           BF304    Protective services
                           BF304-00    Custom and border inspectors
                           BF304-01    Fire-fighters
                           BF304-02    Military personnel
                           BF304-03    Police personnel
                           BF304-04    Prison guards    
                           BF304-05    Security guards
                           BF304-06    Other
           BF305    Education and research
                           BF305-00    College, university, higher education and research ethics
                           BF305-01    Continuous education teaching professionals
                           BF305-02    Early childhood educators and assistants
                           BF305-03    Elementary school and kindergarten teaching professionals
                           BF305-04    Secondary education teaching professionals
                           BF305-05    Special educational needs teachers
                           BF305-06    Other
           BF306    Social sciences
                           BF306-00    Community and social service workers
                           BF306-01    Economists
                           BF306-02    Family, marriage, employment and other related counsellors
                           BF306-03    Philologists, linguists, translator, interpreters and terminologists
                           BF306-04    Philosophers, historians, and political scientists
                           BF306-05    Probation officers
                           BF306-06    Psychologists
                           BF306-07    Sociologists, anthropologists and related professionals
                           BF306-08    Other
           BF307    Legal
                           BF307-00    Bailiffs
                           BF307-01    Judges
                           BF307-02    Lawyers (incl. notaries)
                           BF307-03    Paralegal and related occupations
                           BF307-04    Other
           BF308    Health
                           BF308-00    Medical doctors
                                                 BF308-000    Generalist medical practitioners
                                                 BF308-001    Pharmacists
                                                 BF308-002    Specialized medical practitioners (incl. dentists)
                           BF308-01    Nursing and midwifery professionals   
                                                 BF308-010    Midwifes
                                                 BF308-011    Nurses, head nurses and supervisors
                           BF308-02    Specialized health professionals
                                                 BF308-020    Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
                                                 BF308-021    Dieticians and nutritionists
                                                 BF308-022    Occupational therapists
                                                 BF308-023    Optometrists and opticians
                                                 BF308-024    Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, etc.
                                                 BF308-025    Sanitarians
                                                 BF308-026    Veterinarians
                                                 BF308-027    Other health professionals
                           BF308-03    Technical and related occupations in health   
                                                 BF308-030    Ambulance attendants and other paramedical occupations
                                                 BF308-031    Occupations in support of health services
                                                 BF308-032    Medical technologists and technicians (incl. dental health care)
                           BF308-04    Faith healers
                           BF308-05    Traditional medicine practitioners
                           BF308-06    Other
           BF309    Natural and applied sciences
                           BF309-00     Construction and built environment
                                                 BF309-000    Architects and related technicians
                                                 BF309-001    Cartographers
                                                 BF309-002    Civil engineers
                                                 BF309-003    Construction estimators
                                                 BF309-004    Industrial designers
                                                 BF309-005    Landscape architects, urban and land use planners, etc.
                           BF309-01    Computer and information systems   
                                                 BF309-010    Information systems analysts, database analysts and data administrators
                                                 BF309-011    Software engineers, programmers, etc.
                                                 BF309-012    Web designers and developers
                                                 BF309-013    Other IT professionals
                           BF309-02    Life science   
                                                 BF309-020    Agronomists
                                                 BF309-021    Biochemists
                                                 BF309-022    Biologists, botanists and zoologists
                                                 BF309-023    Conservation and fishery officers
                                                 BF309-024    Environmental toxicologists
                                                 BF309-025    Forestry professionals
                                                 BF309-026    Landscape and horticulture specialists
                                                 BF309-027    Pedologists and soil specialists
                                                 BF309-028    Public and environmental health specialists
                           BF309-03    Mathematics    
                                                 BF309-030    Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
                           BF309-04    Physical science   
                                                 BF309-040    Chemists and chemical engineers
                                                 BF309-041    Environmental engineers
                                                 BF309-042    Geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, geological and geotechnical engineers
                                                 BF309-043    Meteorologists, climatologists and hydrologists
                                                 BF309-044    Physicists, astrophysicists and astronomers
                           BF309-05    Transportation   
                                                 BF309-050    Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors
                                                 BF309-051    Air, marine and railway traffic controllers
                                                 BF309-052    Automotive, traffic and aerospace engineers
                                                 BF309-053    Ship deck officers, ship engineers
                           BF309-06    Other engineers and professionals
                                                 BF309-060    Drilling and petroleum engineers
                                                 BF309-061    Electrical, electronics and telecommunications engineers
                                                 BF309-062    Industrial and manufacturing engineers
                                                 BF309-063    Materials and metallurgical engineers
                                                 BF309-064    Mechanical engineers
                                                 BF309-065    Mining and quarrying engineers
                           BF309-07    Other
           BF310    Culture, the arts, recreation, sports  
                           BF310-00    Artisanal handicraft   
                                                 BF310-000    Paper or canvas artisans (bookbinders, etc.)
                                                 BF310-001    Printing (camera, platemaking, etc. / photographic and film processors, etc.)
                                                 BF310-002    Textiles and leather artisans (tailors, dressmakers, furriers, milliners, etc.)
                                                 BF310-003    Wood, metal, clay, bone, horn, glass, or stone artisans (jewellers, etc.)
                                                 BF310-004    Other artisans (floral designers, etc.)
                           BF310-01    Graphic arts   
                                                 BF310-010    Photographers
                                                 BF310-011    Printmakers, lithographers, typographers, bookbinders, etc.
                                                 BF310-012    Sculptors, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.
                           BF310-02    Information   
                                                 BF310-020    Archivists
                                                 BF310-021    Conservators and curators
                                                 BF310-022    Librarians
                                                 BF310-023    Technical occupations in libraries, archives and museums
                           BF310-03    Performing arts
                                                 BF310-030    Clowns, magicians, acrobats and other performers
                                                 BF310-031    Composers, conductors and arrangers
                                                 BF310-032    Dancers
                                                 BF310-033    Directors and choreographers
                                                 BF310-034    Film, stage and related actors and directors
                                                 BF310-035    Models
                                                 BF310-036    Musicians and singers
                           BF310-04    Technical occupations in art, culture and recreation   
                                                 BF310-040    Announcers and broadcasters
                                                 BF310-041    Broadcasting and the performing arts
                                                 BF310-042    Graphic arts technicians and other occupations in motion pictures
                                                 BF310-043    Interior designers and decorators
                                                 BF310-044    Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers
                           BF310-05    Sport
                                                 BF310-050    Athletes
                                                 BF310-051    Coaches, program leaders and instructor in sport and fitness
                                                 BF310-052    Sports officials and referees
                           BF310-06    Writing
                                                 BF310-060    Authors (writers, dramatists, playwrights, etc.)
                                                 BF310-061    Editors
                                                 BF310-062    Journalists
                           BF310-07    Other
           BF311    Religion
                           BF311-00    Clergy (pastors, priests, imams, shamans, evangelists, etc.)
                           BF311-01    Religious orders (monks, nuns, hermits, etc.)
                           BF311-02    Services (deacons, social workers, healers, etc.)
                           BF311-03    Specialized ministries (chaplains, pastoral care, media, etc.)
                           BF311-04    Religious leadership and boards
                           BF311-05    Other
           BF312    Business, finance and administration
                           BF312-00    Administrative occupations
                                                 BF312-000    Administrative officers
                                                 BF312-001    Executive assistants
                                                 BF312-002    Secretaries, recorders and transcriptionists
                                                 BF312-003    Other administrative occupations (excl. clerical)
                           BF312-01    Business, finance and human resources professionals
                                                 BF312-010    Accountants
                                                 BF312-011    Auditors
                                                 BF312-012    Financial and investment analysts
                                                 BF312-013    HR specialists
                                                 BF312-014    Professional occupations in business services to management
                                                 BF312-015    Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers
                                                 BF312-016    Other financial officers
                           BF312-02    Clerks   
                                                 BF312-020    Clerical supervisors
                                                 BF312-021    Customer Services clerks
                                                 BF312-022    Office clerks
                           BF312-03    Finance and insurance administration occupations   
                                                 BF312-030    Assessors, valuators and appraisers
                                                 BF312-031    Bookkeepers
                                                 BF312-032    Insurance adjusters and claims examiners
                                                 BF312-033    Insurance underwriters
                                                 BF312-034    Loan officers
                           BF312-04    Other
           BF313    Management (public and private sector)
                           BF313-00    Top-level managers
                           BF313-01    Middle-level managers
                           BF313-02    Other
           BF314    Governance
                           BF314-00    Public officials
                           BF314-01    Diplomats
                           BF314-02    International civil servants
                           BF314-03    Traditional chiefs and heads of villages
                           BF314-04    Other
           BF315    Multisectorial
                           BF315-00    Consultants
                           BF315-01    Inspectors (safety inspection, quality control, etc.)
                           BF315-02    Researchers
                           BF315-03    Other

BF4    Codes of ethics by geography   
           BF400    Africa   
                           BF400-01    Central Africa
                           BF400-02    Eastern Africa
                           BF400-03    Northern Africa
                           BF400-04    Southern Africa
                           BF400-05    Western Africa
           BF401    America
                           BF401-00    Caribbean
                           BF401-01    Central America
                           BF401-02    North America
                           BF401-03    South America
           BF402    Asia
                           BF402-00    Eastern Asia   
                           BF402-01    Northern Asia (Russia)
                           BF402-02    South-Central Asia
                           BF402-03    South-East Asia
                           BF402-04    Western Asia and Middle East
           BF403    Europe
                           BF403-00    Eastern Europe
                           BF403-01    Northern Europe
                           BF403-02    Southern Europe
                           BF403-03    Western Europe
           BF404    Oceania    
                           BF404-00    Australia / New-Zealand
                           BF404-01    Melanesia
                           BF404-02    Micronesia
                           BF404-03    Polynesia
BF5    Other voluntary ethical regulations
           BF500    Product certification
           BF501    Standardization
           BF502    Religious law (canon law, sharia, etc.)


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