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Partisipasi Kaum Muda dalam Pembangunan
Peran Pemuda dalam Menjaga Keberlanjutan Lingkungan
Baseline Study for the Socioeconomic Impact of Tamadera Insurance Program in Jakarta
Gendered risks, poverty, and vulnerability
Qualitative Impact Study for PNPM Generasi and PKH on the Provision and the Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Services and Basic Education Services in the Provinces of West Java and East Nusa T...
The Volkswagen Group: Code of Conduct
Qualitative Baseline Study for PNPM Generasi and PKH
The Specific Allocation Fund (DAK)
The State of Local Governance and Public Services in the Decentralized Indonesia in 2006
Code de conduite et équité des échanges de ressources biologiques [Code of conduct and fair exchange of biological resources]
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