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Pluralism in the perspective of Semitic religions
Realitas Sejarah dan Dinamika Identitas Yahudi Nusantara
The Layha for the Mujahideen:
Press Conference for the Presentation of the Instruction "Dignitas Connubii", on the Norms to be Observed at Ecclesiastical Tribunals in Matrimonial Proceedings
Conferenza stampa di presentazione dell'istruzione "Dignitas Connubii", sulle norme da osservarsi nei tribunali ecclesiastici nelle cause matrimoniali
Apresentação à imprensa da instrução "Dignitas Connubii", sobre as normas que devem ser observadas pelos tribunais eclesiásticos nas causas de nulidade do matrimónio
Instruction to be observed by diocesan and interdiocesan tribunals in handling causes of the nullity of marriage
Instruction sur ce que les tribunaux diocésains et interdiocésains doivent observer pour traiter les causes de nullité de mariage
Instruktion die von den diözesanen und interdiözesanen Gerichten bei Ehenichtigkeitsverfahren zu beachten sind
Intruzione da osservarsi nei tribunali diocesani e interdiocesani nella trattazione delle cause di nullitá del matrimonio
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