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The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence of Librarians and Quality of Services in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Libraries with Professional Ethics Approach
Ethical values in archival arrangement and description: An analysis of professional codes of ethics
A Proposed Model of Code of Ethics for Kenyan Librarian
Investigating Information Trust, Professional Ethics and Risk When Embracing E-government: An Empirical Study of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
The Relationship Between Spiritual Intelligence and Professional Ethics of Librarians : A case study
Riflessioni su un codice proveniente dal Mezzogiorno svevo-angioino conservato nella Lillian Goldman Law Library – Yale University*
The effect of the information technology application and professional ethics on auditors performance
Investigating the Impact of Management Information Systems’ Capacity on the Professional Ethics
Compliance with professional ethics in librarians of Central Library and Documentation Center of Tehran University
An Appraisal of Ethical Values in Librarians’ Code of Ethics in Nigeria
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