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Since its inception in 2004, Communication & Medicine has been consistently interrogating the `black box' of what is routinely characterised as `the communicative turn' in healthcare practice in clinical and public health domains. It is now firnly established as a leading forum for these critical debates.

Aims and Scope: Communication & Medicine continues to abide by the following distinctive aims:

  • To consolidate different traditions of discourse and communication research in its commitment to an understanding of psychosocial, cultural and ethical aspects of healthcare in contemporary societies.
  • To cover the different specialities within medicine and allied healthcare studies.
  • To underscore the significance of specific areas and themes by bringing out special issues from time to time.
  • To be fully committed to publishing evidence-based, data-driven original studies with practical application and relevance as key guiding principles.
  • To be targeted at an interdisciplinary audience, which will include healthcare professionals and researchers and students in the medical, social and human sciences.
  • To promote a reader-friendly style and format, including engagements with debates and dialogues on crosscutting themes of topical significance.
The editor is supported by an internationally acclaimed, interdisciplinary advisory board, selectively drawn to represent the well-established traditions of the medical, social and human sciences.




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