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Comparative and Continental Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes leading edge papers by internationally respected scholars in comparative and continental philosophy. Published in affiliation with the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle, this academic journal is accessible to a wide range of readers from various disciplines such as philosophy, religion, art history, comparative literature, critical theory, phenomenological psychology, and cultural theory.
Although anchored in the discipline of philosophy and designed to provide a much needed niche in the natural development of continental philosophy into other non-western ways of thinking, submissions are welcomed from other disciplines as well and need not be necessarily comparative in nature. For comparative submissions, Asia is the journal's primary focus, but we welcome papers devoted to any non-western region, especially Africa, Latin America, and comparative Continental and Anglo-American philosophy. The journal also includes papers on critical spirituality that discuss inter-cultural encounters and address understanding through meditative thinking, papers on contemporary feminism, and comparative ecology/environmental philosophy.


ISSN: 1757-0638 / eISSN: 1757-0646


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