Confucian Ethics / 儒家伦理
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Learning to be Reliable: Confucius' Analects
Death, Sacrifice, and the Problem of Tradition in the Confucian Analects
Relational Learning in the Analects of Confucius: Exploring the Foundations, Practices and Purposes of Classical Confucian Learning
Confucianism: How Analects Promoted Patriarchy and Influenced the Subordination of Women in East Asia
Growing the critical thinking of schoolchildren in Taiwan using the Analects of Confucius
尊孔而抑孟——杨文会居士的《论语发隐》与《孟子发隐》 [Respecting Confucius While Suppressing Mencius:A Comparative Study of Yang Wenhui's Books of On Analects of Confucius and On Mencius]
朱子道德哲學之研究:以《論語集注》為主;The Study of Zhu Xi’s Moral Philosophy: Confucian analects Collective Illustration
倫理秩序與道德實踐 : 以<<論語>>所涵義理為核心
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