Confucian Ethics / 儒家伦理
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La transformation de l’éducation au fil du temps, une longue marche
The Root of Excellence: An Interpretive Approach to Understanding Elder Care within Transnational Chinese Families in Canada
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Filial piety obligations and the lived experience of Korean female caregivers of aging parents-in-law in Canada
Struggle for the Right to Cover Up for Family Members: The Significance and Value of the Confucian Thought “Cover Up for Family Members” in Modern Society
The Relationships between Confucian Family Values and Attitudes toward Divorce in Mainland China: An Exploratory Study
Asian Americans: the mediating effects of family on the longitudinal impact of discrimination on self-esteem and wellbeing
The Ethical Debate on Donor Insemination in China
Chinese Familial Tradition and Western Influence: A Case Study in Singapore on Decision Making at the End of Life
Parental Refusal of Life-Saving Treatments for Adolescents: Chinese Familism in Medical Decision-Making Re-Visited
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