Confucian Ethics / 儒家伦理
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Philosophy in Taiwan: the Continuation of Tradition and the Creation of New Theoretical Paradigms
Making of the Confucian individual: morality, subjectification and classical schooling in China
Confucianism as the Axiological Basis for China’s Management Model
Career decisions of international Chinese doctoral students: The influence of the self in the environment
Death, Sacrifice, and the Problem of Tradition in the Confucian Analects
The Kyoto School and Confucianism: a Confucian reading of the philosophy of history and political thought of Masaaki Kosaka
Die Lehren des Meisters: Konfuzius und die chinesisch kulturelle Identität konfuzianischer Prägung
The political philosophy of Miki Kiyoshi: A close reading of the philosophical foundations of cooperative communitarianism
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