Confucian Ethics / 儒家伦理
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Filial piety obligations and the lived experience of Korean female caregivers of aging parents-in-law in Canada
The Confucian Relational Concept of the Person and Its Modern Predicament
Medicine--the Art of Humaneness: On Ethics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
What Has Bioethics to Offer the Developing Countries
Directors' duties in the context of Confucianism
Filial Piety (xiao 孝) for the Contemporary and Global World
***2013 Bayan - Maulana Anzar Shah Qasmi
The Concept of Duty in Kantianism and Confucianism
The Golden Rule; A Comparison between Christianity and Confucianism (Chinese)
Reassessing Korean legal culture and the rule of law : legal history, constitutional review and negotiations
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