Confucian Ethics / 儒家伦理
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A preliminary consequential evaluation of the roles of cultures in human rights debates
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"Asian Democracy?" Der Einfluss konfuzianischer Werte auf die Legitimität westlich-liberaler Demokratievorstellungen in Nord- und Südostasien
Xi Jinping and Confucianism: Legitimacy and a National Moral Identity
Les droits de l’homme, un enjeu politique de taille dans la Chine contemporaine
Candlelight for Our Country’s Right Name: A Confucian Interpretation of South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution
Experimental democracy for China: Dewey’s method
Values and democracy in East Asia and Europe: a comparison
Negotiating the Confucian Religion in Indonesia: Invention, Resilience and Revival (1900 – 2010)
Moral Responsibilities to Future Generations : A Comparative Study on Human Rights Theory and Confucianism
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