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This collection contains documents gathered by the Coredem search engine. Coredem is a "community of sites of documentary resources for a global democracy" which brings partners together with a charter, a search engine and a lexicommon.

Some ten organisations from all five continents have decided to pool and mutualise their information and analyses, and facilitate access to their respective documentary resources.

They share the following observations:

  • Information is strategic. The more it is shared the more there is.
  • Today's techniques of Information communication multiply our access to knowledge.
  • The sharing of knowledge and exchange of experience born from action, the selection of relevant information to achieve social change, are all an integral part of the conditions of democracy.

This is what is at stake for the Confederation of websites for a worldwide democracy, that has developed information-sharing tools: a search engine (scrutari) and a lexicommon to jointly work on key ideas.

Because sustainable society and global democracy have yet to be built, because water, natural resources, fundamental rights, agriculture, the promotion of a culture of peace or the questions posed by science are shared preoccupations, because the global economic system needs to be reinvented, new tools for information-sharing need to be developed.

The Confederation of Resources for Global Democracy is open to new members and hopes to facilitate the comparison of experience and development of joint proposals that meet everyone's specific needs to reinforce their organisational capacity, reflection and societal change.

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