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The quarterly journal Cultures & Conflits constitutes the main publication of the Centre, featuring articles in French, with abstracts available both in English and French. The journal is fully peer-reviewed, and currently enjoys 263 regular subscribers, two thirds of which are universities and research centres. In addition to research conducted by the CEC, the journal also strongly encourages external submissions, either in the form of individual articles or special issues, by established academics, young researchers and practitioners, which has allowed over the years for the constitution of a solid network of contacts in a wide variety of research domains. As such, the journal also contributes widely to the international visibility and reputation of the Centre. The journal is supported by the Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Centre National du Livre (CNL). Free-access policy has contributed significantly to the European and international diffusion of research undertaken by the CEC: the website attracts an average 30,000 visitors per month. The review is thematically oriented along the following lines:

  • the transformation of contemporary forms of violence, including the transformation of warfare, practices of political violence and radicalisation;
  • the evolution of contemporary security policies;
  • the social construction of insecurities;
  • the socio-historical processes of state construction and their historical evolutions;
  • the constitution of identities and borders in their various dimensions (spatial, cultural, social, political, etc.);
  • the tensions between human rights and civil liberties on the on hand, and practices of surveillance, exceptionalism and suspicion on the other;
  • the political and social dimensions of migration, policies of migration management, including practices of detention, expulsion, and surveillance of populations on the move.

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  • Political ethics
  • Cultural ethics
    • Cultural/intercultural ethics
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