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De Ethica seeks to publish scholarly works in philosophical, theological and applied ethics. It is a fully peer-reviewed, open-access publication hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press. We are committed to making papers of high academic quality accessible to a wide audience. De Ethica is published in cooperation with Societas Ethica, the European Society for Research in Ethics. Societas Ethica was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1964; today it has more than 200 members from more than 20 countries, representing a variety of theological and philosophical traditions. The annual conferences of Societas Ethica draw speakers from across the globe and provide a lively forum for intellectual exchange. Like Societas Ethica, De Ethica aims to create dialogue across national, political, and religious boundaries. We welcome contributions from all philosophical and theological traditions. While we do welcome historically and empirically oriented work, our focus is on normative ethical questions. We have a special interest in papers that contribute to ongoing public debates, e.g., about global justice and environmental ethics, the secular state and the role of religion, or international migration and human rights.

It is our aim to facilitate intellectual exchange across disciplinary and geographical boundaries and across the gaps between different philosophical and theological traditions. Thus we seek to publish papers that advance a clear and concise argument, avoid jargon, and are accessible to a non-specialized academic audience. In addition to original research articles of high quality, we will also publish book reviews, discussion notes, and survey articles.

ISSN:: 2001-8819
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Legal responsibility for the content of published articles lie with the author. De Ethica is an Open Access publication with no publication fee. This means that the contents of the journal are published free of charge for authors, and can be accessed free of charge by readers. De Ethica uses Creative Commons BY-NC licencing (, meaning that anyone may make full use of an article for non-commercial purposes as long as a full reference (including DOI) is given to the original publication. Additionally authors are free to archive the copy-edited version of the article at his or her web page, or at their university's web page).

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  • Global ethics
  • Political ethics
    • Ethics of political systems
    • Peace ethics
    • Governance and ethics
    • Development ethics
  • Economic ethics
    • Business ethics
    • Ethics of economic systems
  • Cultural ethics
    • Cultural/intercultural ethics
  • Religious ethics
    • Comparative religious ethics
    • Spirituality and ethics
  • Methods of ethics
    • General and historical
    • Theological ethics
    • Philosophical ethics
  • Bioethics
    • Medical ethics
    • Health ethics
  • Community ethics
    • Ethnicity and ethics
    • Minority ethics
  • Environmental ethics
    • Resources ethics
    • Ethics of global commons
  • Rights based legal ethics

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  • Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
    • History of religion
    • Philosophy of religion
  • General theology/other