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Schöpfungstheologie, -spiritualität, -ethik und -praxis
Post-2012 Burden Sharing: Towards an Ethical Approach
Subsidiarity in the Tradition of Catholic Social Doctrine
The Golden Rule of Benevolence versus the Silver Rule of Reciprocity
Engaging common property theory: implications for benefit sharing research in developing countries
GIS capacity building for risk management to help developing countries:Case of climate change problem in Amhara rural region (Ethiopia)
Stepping in for the Polluters? Climate Justice under Partial Compliance
Leading ICT practices in education: a capacity building toolkit for teacher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific
[Combating poverty and inequality] Building state capacity for poverty reduction
Local forest governance and benefit sharing from reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) : case study from Burkina Faso
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