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GIS capacity building for risk management to help developing countries:Case of climate change problem in Amhara rural region (Ethiopia)
Leading ICT practices in education: a capacity building toolkit for teacher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific
[Combating poverty and inequality] Building state capacity for poverty reduction
The role of PPP in value based capacity building through e-administration
Capacity building for school improvement: a case study of a New Zealand primary school
The Rule of Law in Peace and Capacity Building Operations: Moving beyond a Conventional State-Centred Imagination
Peace Education, Human Rights and Democratic Governance Capacity Building Curriculum Development Workshop for the Military and Security Forces in Post-War Sierra Leone
The joy of sharing knowledge: But what if there is no knowledge to share? A critical reflection on human capacity building in Africa
Financing Structures for CDM Projects in India and Capacity Building Options for EU-Indo Collaboration
Community Capacity Building
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