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Экономические стратегии [Economicheskie strategii; Engl. transl. the Economic Strategies (ES)] is a magazine for those who think strategically, want to succeed and to achieve harmony.
Since 2004 the magazine is included in the Higher Attestation Commission's (HAC) List of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, publishing basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.
The magazine is presented in the Scientific electronic library — the prime contractor of the project on creation of the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC).
The "ES" magazine focuses on studying scenarios of the future and lessons of the past, on business and state strategies, panorama of business and political environment, management arts, risk assessment. In addition, special magazine issues are dedicated to current trends in contemporary social and economic life and spiritual life, some of the above aspects have become traditional headings: evaluation activities, education, telecommunications, regional development and others.
The magazine is published by the Institute for Economic Strategies (INES) since 1999 with periodicity of 9 times a year. Magazine readers are state figures, managers and employees of leading Russian and foreign companies, consulting firms experts, teachers and students of the system of business, economic and political education.





The library contains all the articles of Экономические стратегии Economic Strategies from 1/2000 to current.

ISSN: 1680-094X


Экономические стратегии copyright is retained by the journal.


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