Ecotheology Climate Justice and Food Security
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Living in the land : an oiko-theological response to the amadiba crisis committee of xolobeni’s struggle for ubuntu, land and ecology
Decolonizing the Intercultural: A Call for Decolonizing Consciousness in Settler-Colonial Australia
La protección del conocimiento tradicional indígena a través del derecho a la libertad religiosa: un nuevo frente en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Vers une éthique écoféministe et interspirituelle de l’eau : dialogue entre néopaganisme, christianisme et traditions autochtones en Amérique du Nord
Radical Social Ecology as Deep Pragmatism: A Call to the Abolition of Systemic Dissonance and the Minimization of Entropic Chaos
Totemism Re-examined
Development and Environmental Injustice in Malaysia: A Story of Indigenous Resistance in Sarawak
Indigenous People, Development and Environmental Justice: Narratives of the Dayak People of Sarawak, Malaysia
Resisting Dams and Plantations: Indigenous Identity in Sarawak
Experiencing and Protecting Sacred Natural Sites of Sámi and other Indigenous Peoples The Sacred Arctic
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