Ecotheology Climate Justice and Food Security
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The Catholic Church and land ownership in South Africa : 1994-2014
Restoring Eden: The Role of Christianity on Environmental Conservation: A Case of Karatu District, Arusha, Tanzania
Le colombe e gli avvoltoi
Radical Social Ecology as Deep Pragmatism: A Call to the Abolition of Systemic Dissonance and the Minimization of Entropic Chaos
Proceedings the ... annual session Green River Valley Missionary Baptist District Association.
Environmental ethics challenges in the case of Congo basin deforestation : a theological ethical perspective
Environmental ethics challenges in the case of Congo basic deforestation: a theological perspective
Reconceptualising cemetery planning in South Africa: assessing the potentials for approaches informed by social-ecological resilience principles
Polyamorous Bastards: James Baldwin and Desires of a Queer African-American Religious Naturalism.
Polyamorous Bastards: James Baldwin's Opening to a Queer Religious Naturalism
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