Ecotheology Climate Justice and Food Security
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Bringing Environmental Issues into Church Life & Bringing Faith-based motivations into the Environmental movement: What role can faith play in addressing environmental problems?
Religious and Environmental Values: Discovering the Landscape
God, self, humanity, Earth: Christian ecological ethics in local contexts
Is Daoism Green? Engaging Daoist Responses to Environmental Challenges in China
The Catholic Church and land ownership in South Africa : 1994-2014
Y a-t-il du sacré dans la nature ?
Effectiveness and sustainability of the Catholic Church's environmental programmes in Chingola district of Zambia
Aprender com a fada Oriana o caminho para a ecologia integral : contributo da unidade letiva 4 do programa de Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica do 8º ano
Sir Gawain and Scholasticism
Environment, Ethics and Religion: Can religious philosophies enhance Environmental Ethics?
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