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Ecumenical Theological Education – Global Dialogue Platform

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Awareness has grown that Christian leadership formation and theological education have strategic importance for the future of Global Christianity. A recent global study report on theological education in World Christianity has indicated the needs for dialogue across a wider spectrum of Christian denominational traditions to be in dialogue on needs, new trends, standards and international as well as regional cooperation between theological schools. Various regional and international networks of theological educators and associations of theological schools have increased dialogue on planning for faculty development, research dialogue and common standards in theological education.

The 10th assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan, Republic of Korea, is offering a space to broaden the dialogue on Christian leadership development between churches and mission organisations as well as development organisations. Ecumenical Conversation 6 in Busan will bring together specialists and interested church delegates as well as interested theologians from many parts of the world.

This Global Dialogue Platform is meant to offer a space:

  • to share specific background documents for dialogue on theological education on theological education during the 10th assembly of the WCC;
  • to share a wider range of study documents with relevance to theological education and Christian leadership training from various backgrounds, particularly from the Programme on Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) of the WCC;
  • to provide a platform for mutual dialogue and sharing of resources in the dialogue on future models of ministerial formation, seminary training and theological education from churches all over the globe;
  • to continue dialogue on the results of the global research report on theological education which will be presented in Busan assembly.

The workgroup is an open forum.

Moderators are Dr. Dietrich Werner, WCC International Programme Coordinator of ETE, WCC, and Dr. Stephen Brown, Programme Executive for GlobeTheoLib.

The website was started in September 2013 and will stay for a first period of 3 years when further evaluation will be done.