Collection Description

Educational Resources collection of educational resources on applied ethics at all levels and across disciplines. At the moment the collection is mainly composed of open educational resources (OER) harvested from a few OER repositories:

OAsis - The Commonwealth of Learning (COL)'s online institutional repository for learning resources and publications

OpenStax - a dynamic non-profit digital ecosystem serving millions of users in the delivery of educational content to improve learning outcomes.

OER@AVU -  an initiative of The African Virtual University (AVU)

It is planned to integrate educational resources developed by and/or for the member institutions of the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education, and the Academy (see below EA11).

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EA0-Global ethics

EA1-Economic ethics (Business, Labour/Professional, CSR, Codes of ethics, Trade, Consumer, Economic systems)

EA2-Political ethics (Peace, Governance, Development, Law/Legal, Elections, Democracy, Political systems)

EA3-Cultural ethics (Anthropology, Media, Communication, Information, Intercultural, Secularisation)

EA4-Community ethics (Lifestyle, Ethnicity, Racism, Minority, Migration)

EA5-Social ethics (Youth, Aging, Disability, Family, Philanthropy, Sports, Sexual orientation/Gender)

EA6-Education and ethics (Ethics of teaching/Inclusivity, Research ethics, Plagiarism, Distance/Open education, Integrated/Balanced/Interdisciplinarity)

EA7-Environmental ethics (Resources, Biodiversity, Animal, Climate, Global commons)

EA8-Bioethics/Medical ethics/Health ethics

EA9-Technology ethics (Biotechnologies, Engineering, Robots, Artificial intelligence, Cyberethics/ICT)

EA10-Religious ethics (Comparative, Specific religion [Buddhism , ...etc.] , Spirituality)

------------ Academy (Courses, Training/Teaching materials, incl. Handbooks, Manuals, Videos, Lectures, MOOCs, Webcasts, Webinars ...etc.)

EA111-Ethics for Institutions
    EA11101-Code of Ethics (general)
    EA11102-How to develop Code of Ethics for HEIs
    EA11103-Ethics management (self-assessment)
    EA11104-Ethics monitoring/assessment
    EA11105-Integrated reporting for HEI
    EA11106-Complaint mechanism (Handbook)
    EA11109-African Church Assets management (Handbook)

EA112-Ethics for Teachers
    EA11201-Ethics in Higher Education
    EA11202-Responsible Leadership
    EA11203-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/Business Ethics)
    EA11204-Ethics and Sustainable Development
    EA11205-Ethics and Global Governance
    .... etc.

EA113-Certified Ethics Professionals (CEP) Training

EA114-Ethics for Students
    EA11401-Ethics in Higher Education
    EA11402-Responsible Leadership (incl. videos)
    EA11403-CSR/Business Ethics
    EA11404-Sustainable Development (incl. video lectures on Sustainability/Creation
    ... etc.
    EA11408-Ethics training for practitioners: Interreligious dialogue in Asia (incl. Indonesia)
    EA11409-Training Church asset management

EA115-Ethics for Professionals

    EA11501-Ethics in Higher Education
    EA11502-Responsible Leadership
    EA11503-CSR/Business ethics (incl. Food ethics, Supply chain management)
    EA11504-My ethical competency portfolio
    ... etc.

EA116-Courses for Institutions and Associations
    ... etc.

New Articles

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Predicting Students' Intention to Use Gamified Mobile Learning in Higher Education
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