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BigData: Can virtue ethics play a role?
Ética y utopía. Conciencia y compromiso de un intelectual del siglo XX que miraba al siglo XXI: Romano García
The Post-Research Ethics Analysis (PREA) Project
A systematic literature review of the ethics of conducting research in the humanitarian setting
Moral distress among disaster responders: what is it, and can we do anything about it? A scoping review
A living laboratory? Ethics and experimentality in humanitarian innovation
Ethics of conducting research in crisis settings: How does Flint measure up?
You Had Me at 3 Years: The Ethics and Practicality of Project Archivists
How are moral challenges among disaster responders dealt with? The lived experiences of moral challenges and its potential consequences among disaster responders
Serving Up Change: A Food Ethics Workshop
1 2 3 . . . 332