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Augmented Spaces of Protest: Imaginative Medienpraktiken und Hypermedialität als Ressourcen des zivilgesellschaftlichen Widerstands
Changing Media Ecologies in Thailand: Women's Online Participation in the 2013/2014 Bangkok Protests
Political vs everyday forms of governance in Uzbekistan: the illegal, immoral and illegitimate
Perceptions of participation and the Share Button
Sind die Lernumgebungen im Politikunterricht lernförderlich? Eine Studie zu den Tiefenstrukturen
Als der Sommer zu Ende ging: Die Flüchtlingsdebatte im Wiener Wahlkampf auf Facebook
"Project battle" or "Policy war"?: protest, advocacy, and the outcomes of environmental contention in China
Information Seeking Behaviour of Professional Women on Their Political Rights in Lusaka, Zambia
ICT and elections in Nigeria: rural dynamics of biometric voting technology adoption
Running as a woman (or man): a review of research on political communicators and gender stereotypes
1 2 3 . . . 167