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The singing of sirens; when right-wing populists talk about “democracy” (the case of the “Rassemblement National” and the “Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs”)
List Voting’s Travels: The Importance Of Being Independent In The Boardroom
"Project battle" or "Policy war"?: protest, advocacy, and the outcomes of environmental contention in China
Virtuous Cycles in Local Political Representation of Women in Chile, 1992-2016
Worüber Thilo Sarrazin schweigt: Herausforderungen der Politischen Bildung in der Migrationsgesellschaft
Gender and Politics in Buenos Aires
Many Faces of Strategic Voting : Tactical Behavior in Electoral Systems Around the World
The Reluctant Feminist: Angela Merkel and the Modernization of Gender Politics in Germany
Feministische Repräsentationskritik: (Dis-)Kontinuitäten von den ersten deutschen Frauenbewegungen bis in die Gegenwart
Addressing Supply-Side Hurdles to Gender-Equal Representation in Germany
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