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Gisbertus Voetius (1589–1676): Some perspectives on his influence on developments in the South African Dutch Reformed Church’s missiology and mission practice
Analysis of national election manifestos of the African National Congress about service delivery between 1994 and 2014
Information Seeking Behaviour of Professional Women on Their Political Rights in Lusaka, Zambia
My Vote Counts and the Transparency of Political Party Funding in South Africa
The ancestors, violence and democracy in Zimbabwe
Nuanced Accountability: Voter Responses to Service Delivery in Southern Africa
Rezension: Luke Sinwell mit Siphiwe Mbatha: The Spirit of Marikana. The Rise of Insurgent Trade Unionism in South Africa
Rezension: Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni (Hg.): Mugabeism? History, Politics and Power in Zimbabwe
Erinnerung als Waffe der Dekolonisierung: Kunst und Student*innen-Bewegung im heutigen Südafrika
Institutional proxy voting in South Africa : process, outcomes and impact
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