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The effectiveness of de-radicalization program in Southeast Asia: does it work?; the case of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
We strike, therefore we are? A twitter analysis of feminist identity in the context of #DayWithoutAWoman
Improving Public Policy for Children: A Vote for Each Child
The Tea Party and American Populism Today: Between Protest, Patriotism and Paranoia
Trumps Tribunal: moralkonservative Richter prägen US-Politik auf lange Sicht
Eine Blaupause für Deutschland? Barack Obama und die kollaborative Verwaltung
Obama: A New Beginning? Kurzanalyse
Gipfel in Helsinki: Plattform für Putins innenpolitische Manöver
Systems over service: changing systems of inequality through congregational political engagement
Will Ivanka Trump be the First Woman to be the President of the United States?
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