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Review: The real politics of the Horn of Africa: money, war and the business of power
Analysis of national election manifestos of the African National Congress about service delivery between 1994 and 2014
Der unbemerkte Fortschritt: ein Plädoyer für mehr "Afropositivismus"
ICT and elections in Nigeria: rural dynamics of biometric voting technology adoption
My Vote Counts and the Transparency of Political Party Funding in South Africa
The geopolitics of Senegal. From Senghor to Macky Sall's election
Shrinking Civic Space in Africa: When Governments Crack Down on Civil Society
Das Verschwinden zivilgesellschaftlicher Freiräume in Afrika
Die schiitische Internationale: irantreue Milizen weiten den Einfluss Teherans in der arabischen Welt aus
The Role of Civil Society in the Tunisian Transformation Process
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