Collection Description

Elections and Ethics

This thematic collection of is offering a rich ethical overview on legal, political, social, financial and ethical aspects related to elections, its preparation, conflict resolutions and post-election processes.  It has an initial focus on francophone Africa (to the French   arbre de classification). Since 2018, it has been further enlarged to become a comprehensive collection on elections and ethics worldwide.

Classification Tree: Overview

BH      Elections and Ethics Collection
BH0    References
BH1    Legal texts
BH2    Codes of ethics and other regulations
BH3    Themes
BH4    Electoral Institutions
BH5    Teaching Material and Trainings
BH6    All Documents by Regions and Countries

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Classification Tree: Details

BH      Elections and Ethics Collection

BH0    References

BH1    Legal texts
            BH10    Universal and transcontinental
            BH11    Continental (European Union, African Union, etc.)
                          BH110    Africa
                          BH111    America
                          BH112    Asia
                          BH113    Europe
                          BH114    Oceania

BH2    Codes of ethics and other regulations
            BH20    Electoral Administrations
            BH21    Candidates
            BH22    Political Parties (incl. Electoral Campaigns)
            BH23    Media
            BH24    Observers and Facilitators
            BH25    IT technicians
            BH26    Other
BH3    Themes
            BH30    Elections as applied political and ethical practices
                          BH300    Values and Virtues
                          BH301    Democracy and Citizenship
                          BH302    Electoral Process and Election Campaigns
                          BH303    Governance and Independence
                          BH304    Funding
                          BH305    Corruption and Fraud
                          BH306    Education, Awareness and Illiteracy
                          BH307    Information and Media
                          BH308    Violence, Mediation and Conflict Management
                          BH309    Election Assistance and Cultural Traditions
                          BH310    Assistance and Electoral Observation
                          BH311    Representation and Diversity
                          BH312    Other
BH4    Electoral Institutions
            BH40    List of Institutions
            BH41    Electoral Administrations (statuses, reports, etc.)
            BH42    Specialized Research Institutions
            BH43    Election Schools
            BH44    Associations and Specialized Networks
BH5    Teaching Material and Trainings
            BH50    Civic Education (schools)
            BH51    Training Courses
                          BH510    EFEAC Course
            BH52    Civil Society (NGOs, etc.)
            BH53    Religious Organizations
            BH54    Other
BH6    All Documents by Regions and Countries
            BH60    Africa
                           BH600    Eastern Africa

                           BH601    Central Africa

                           BH602    Northern Africa

                           BH603    Southern Africa

                           BH604    Western Africa

            BH61    The Americas
                           BH610    Latin America and the Caribbean

                           BH611    Central America

                           BH612    South America

                           BH613    Northern America

             BH62    Asia
                           BH620    Central Asia

                           BH621    Eastern Asia

                           BH622    Southern Asia

                           BH623    South-Eastern Asia

                           BH624    Western Asia

            BH63    Europe
                           BH630    Eastern Europe

                           BH631    Northern Europe

                           BH632    Southern Europe

                           BH633    Western Europe

            BH64    Oceania
                           BH640    Australia and New Zealand

                           BH641    Melanesia

                           BH642    Micronesia

                           BH643    Polynesia

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