Ensaio Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências (Belo Horizonte)

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Ensaio Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências (Belo Horizonte) [Ensaio Research in Science Education] is a scientific publication of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, CECIMIG (www.fae.ufmg/cecimig) – a center for science education research and outreach at the Faculty of Education at UFMG [Federal University of Minas Gerais] and of the Post-Graduate Education Program at UFMG. It is a publication of original research articles (empirical research reports or theoretical essays), articles of literature review (state of the art), and book reviews with themes of interest for the field of science education research. The journal seeks to attend to criteria of academic accuracy and social and educational relevance. The target public includes: researchers and post-graduate students in the areas of Scientific Education, Natural Sciences Education (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geosciences and Astronomy), Health and Environmental Education; undergraduate students and graduate students in the area of Natural Sciences and Related Technologies; researchers in related areas (Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Communication, etc.), working in collaboration with science education and teachers involved with science education at all levels (from pre-school through undergraduate courses). The journal was first published in the second half of 1999. Today, it is available online three times per year (April, August and December). 

ISSN: 1983-2117


The Globethics.net library contains articles of Ensaio Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências as of vol. 1(1999) to current.


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