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Erasmus Law and Economics Review stemmed from the idea of some students in 2003 at the European Master in Law & Economics, which have understood that economic analysis of law is becoming fundamental for the future of legal studies, to break down national barriers and enable lawyers from all over the world to communicate with each other by providing a common framework of thinking, in the way economists and other social scientists have always done.
Erasmus Law & Economics Review aims at providing a new, open and free communication interface between lawyers, academics and economists, in order to spread the law and economics approach especially among young lawyers and law students in Central Europe, and Asia and South America, which for their social, economical and political background are sharply different from the nations where law and economics was born and flourished.
The Review will carry working papers written by scholars, alumni and students, concerning both general themes of law and economics and specific topics within the framework of periodic Thematic Issues.
In this connection, we will try to explore the different branches and discover new paths of law and economics (such as behavioural law and economics, social norms and so o­n) dedicating a special attention to the papers of students, young lawyers and economists who, thanks to the peer-to-peer character of the review, can efficiently improve the quality of their works.
Similarly, as we believe that in Europe there is a general absence of a substantial link between the law and economics theory and the effective everyday courts' activity, another aim of the journal is to develop economic analyses of European cases.


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