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Ethics and Armed Forces is the first international E-Journal for recent topics of military ethics and security policy. Well-known authors critically examine recent issues of modern warfare from an interdisciplinary perspective. If Afghanistan, Somalia or Iraq –the military's role in the wars and societies of the 21st century is under close scrutiny almost anywhere.How do we face the challenges of new technologies in war and peace? Not only asymmetric warfare, also the robotization of war, armed drones or computer viruses pose controversial questions in ethics and security policy.

What role does the soldier play in these new wars of the 21st century? Do we need a whole new understanding of security policy and, therefore, a new comprehensive global security culture? Ethics and Armed Forces collects answers to those questions and addresses an interested international public in English and German. Hence, Ethics and Armed Forces enables different target groups, such as the military, the political sphere, academia and military chaplains to get informed about recent issues in military ethics and its consequences.

Ethics and Armed Forces has the ISSN-number 2199-4137 and is registered in the German National Library.

ISSN 2199-4137


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