Ethics in Higher Education
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Large scale studies of holistic professional competence in vocational education and training (VET): The case of Norway
Does vocational education give a labour market advantage over the whole career? A comparison of the United Kingdom and Switzerland
Teaching Human Rights at the Tertiary Level: Addressing the ‘Knowing–Doing Gap’ through a Role-Based Simulation Approach
Development Evaluation for Local Impacts : Evaluation Elements contributing to Evaluation Use, A Vocational Education Case in Tanzania as an Awakener
From work-integrated learning to learning-integrated work: motivations and apprehensions of Graduate Apprentices
20 Years of C2C and SIDLIT: Q&A with Jonathan Bacon
Multi-level governance in quality assurance in Spain: the case of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA)
Bridge the gap between high school systems with less than twelve years of schooling and European Universities
Desenvolvimento de uma sessão de cúpula em planetários digitais e análise de sua aplicabilidade como recurso auxiliar no ensino da Astronomia
Structural changes in the landscape of Spanish distance universities
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