Ethics in Higher Education
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L’autorité éducative : bienveillance envers l’autre, vigilance envers soi
About Education, Politics and Singularity
Political prisoner education through sport on Robben Island: 1960-1990
Shaping the Religiosity of Chinese University Students: Science Education and Political Indoctrination
Teaching public speaking in public health: A multidisiplinary approach to equipping students with analytical and rhetorical skills to advocate for social and political change
Educating students from refugee backgrounds: ethical conduct to resist the politics of besiegement
Education and Work in movements for different economies: new envisaged scenarios and grass-roots political practices
Philosophy of Education of the Third Reich: origin, political and ideological contexts and conceptual constructions
The School as a Democratic Workplace: The Political Dimension of Dewey’s Democracy and Education
A Call to Action: Engage, Educate, and Empower Politically Disenfranchised Communities to Advocate for Environmental Justice
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