Ethics in Higher Education
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Música e Educação Escolar: contribuições da estética marxista e da pedagogia histórico-crítica para a educação musical
African American Women: The Role of Education, Spirituality, and Resilience in their Transition from Poverty
Education and the Individual: An Exploration of Enver Hoxha’s Philosophy of Education
Letting Our Values and History Guide Us: Inspiration for Libraries From Myles Horton
Global poverty, women’s empowerment, and higher education pedagogies: a pedagogical case study on an international experiential education initiative for sustainable development
Impact of coordinated asset transfers and asset ownership on poverty reduction, women's empowerment, and child education: evidence from Zambia and Tanzania
(Re)thinking Like an Economist: pluralism, critical thinking and economic pedagogy
Policy Brief No. 17 - Language Training and Education Help Adult New Immigrants Exit Poverty
Open and Distance Education: A Contribution to Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment of Women?
Medical Ethical Theories Outside the Anglo-American West
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