Ethics in Higher Education
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Adult Education in the pedagogical spaces of Community Intervention
The Alma College Archaeological Project: Toward a Community-Based Pedagogy
Revising the Textbook(s): Open Access, Open Pedagogy, Open Communities
Childhood art in community education: Postdevelopmental learning through feminist leadership, diversity and pedagogic invention
Affective Pedagogy: A Case Study Describing the Impact of Affective Instructional Interventions in a Community College Composition Course
Pop Up Pedagogy: Exploring Connections between Street Art, Feminist Literacy Practices and Communities
Pedagogy through performance: a Kodály-based musical literacy programme for communitarian choirs
Heating Up Online Learning: Insights from a Collaboration Employing Arts Based Research/Pedagogy for an Adult Education, Online, Community Outreach Undergraduate Course
Rural Education adapting pedagogical methods: proposal for Youngsters and Adults Education without evasion in the quilombolas communities
National Professional Development Framework for all who Teach in Irish Higher Education, How it Nurtures and Supports Reflection for a Teaching Community of Practice.
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