Ethics in Higher Education
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The Contribution of Experiential Learning to the Development of Cognitive and Social Skills in Secondary Education: A Case Study
Maintenance of Industry Skills and Knowledge by Vocational Lecturers at South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges
Experiential and vicarious learning approaches in developing higher-order thinking skills among business education undergraduates in federal universities
Ethics, autonomy and critical thinking in the High School Physical Education classes
The advantages of peer review over arbitration for resolving authorship disputes
Online Learning in Higher Education to Encourage Critical Thinking Skills in the 21st Century
Education, age and skills: An analysis using PIAAC data
Relating Autonomy and Capacity to Higher Education Governance in Malawi: A Case study on the University of Malawi, College of Medicine Reforms
Degrees of competency: the relationship between educational qualifications and adult skills across countries
Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students: A Mandate for Higher Education in Nigeria
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