Ethics in Higher Education
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Belonging in band: relatedness support, relatedness satisfaction, prosocial behavior, and music practice in high school band
Understanding what makes a positive school experience for pupils with SEND: Can their voices inform inclusive practice?
Unequal Training Participation and Training Experience at the Digital Work Place - an Interdisciplinary Study
Understanding Australia’s offshore VET student experience
The potential of a lecture series in changing intent and experience among health professionals to conduct research in a large hospital: a retrospective pre-post design
Poly-substance use and sexual risk behaviours: a cross-sectional comparison of adolescents in mainstream and alternative education settings
Investigating self-directed learning and technology readiness in blending learning environment
The Lifelong Learning Experience
Developing and establishing research guidelines in a private higher education institution of Saudi Arabia. An experience
The experience of Canadian teachers who have taught first- or second-generation Chinese students in British Columbia, Canada: a phenomenological inquiry
1 2 3 . . . 286