Ethics in Higher Education
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Changing Norms about Life Skills and Sexuality Education through Empowerment: A study of public secondary life skills teachers’ experiences and perceptions in Zanzibar
Thematic analysis of sexuality in the school context with teachers of basic education
“We don't really see a problem in music because that s**t makes you want to dance”: Reflections on possibilities and challenges of teaching gender through hip-hop
Poly-substance use and sexual risk behaviours: a cross-sectional comparison of adolescents in mainstream and alternative education settings
Acquisition of agricultural knowledge and negotiation of gender power relations by women commercial farmers in Zimbabwe : implications for adult education training and development
Bringing Gender Sensitive Teaching into the Classroom: Tapping into the Aspirations and Abilities of Evangelical College Aged Women
The Geography of Gender Inequality in International Higher Education
Gender, Literature and Education for Children and Young Adults
Literature, Gender and Education for Children and Young Adults / Littérature, genre, éducation pour l’enfance et la jeunesse
Examination of sexual rights as a basis for sexuality education in Switzerland: Concepts from youth, parent and professional actor system
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