Ethics in Higher Education
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Unpacking dominant discourses in higher education language policy
"We're tryna improve our life everyday": Digital literacy in policy and practice
Acquisition of agricultural knowledge and negotiation of gender power relations by women commercial farmers in Zimbabwe : implications for adult education training and development
How Education Standards Gain Hegemonic Power and become International:The case of higher education and the Bologna Process
Edukacja dorosłych między systemem a światem życia : interwencje krytyczne
In search of identity: Adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina between the socialist legacy and neoliberal tendencies
A analítica da finitude como uma semiologia dos saberes e das práticas sobre o homem: esboço de uma crítica ao pensamento antropológico na Educação
(Re) Constructing Identities: South African Domestic Workers, English Language Learning, and Power
O acesso da pessoa com deficiência à rede regular de ensino no Brasil: uma análise crítica do discurso do julgamento da ADI 5357.
The current news of the Frankfurt perspective for the challenges of inclusive education for an equanime world
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