Ethics in Higher Education
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Universities as key responders to education inequality
Educational policies and social inequality in well-being among young adults
Inclusion as a form of social inequality overcoming in the educational environment
Four Decades of Obesity Trends among Non-Hispanic Whites and Blacks in the United States: Analyzing the Influences of Educational Inequalities in Obesity and Population Improvements in Education
Inequalities within Nigeria’s Education System: A Focus on Secondary Schools in Lagos, Ondo State and Ogun State
Welfare states, the Great Recession and health: Trends in educational inequalities in self-reported health in 26 European countries.
Myth and reality of gender inequality in education admission in Nigerian state universities
Institutional Policies, Secondary School Quality and Teacher Effects: Three Studies on Inequality of Educational Opportunity in Chile
Universities as key responders to education inequality
Tackling social inequality and exclusion in education : from human capital to capabilities
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