Ethics in Higher Education
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Parental Experiences of Child Participation in a Phase I Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trial: "We Don't Have Time to Waste"
Creating Open Online Courses with Learner Representative Partners to Widen Participation in Higher Education
An exploration of student mentoring to motivate and to enhance interactive learning in undergraduate engineering courses
Content interaction in online university courses: the start@unito project
An example of innovative university teaching: the model of Constructive and Collaborative Professional Participation
Participation patterns and barriers to participation in adult education activities among international women in Blacksburg, Va., U.S.A.
Tea, biscuits, social class, widening participation and learning: student reflection on developing a HE identity
Sustaining Affective Commitment and Extra-Role Service among Hospitality Employees: Interactive Effect of Empowerment and Service Training
Empowering Citizens through Perceptual Sensing of Urban Environmental and Health Data Following a Participative Citizen Science Approach
Language interaction among international students in classes of English as medium of instruction at the UA
1 2 3 . . . 173