Ethics in Higher Education
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Training of future technology teachers: Management tools and challenges in current educational process
School management teams and teachers’ perspectives on their role in the implementation of inclusive education policy: a case study of three primary schools in Umkhanyakude district.
Exploring how partnerships between a school for the deaf and hearing parents and is managed : perspectives from school management, teachers, and hearing parents at a combined school for the deaf in Kw...
Sociology’s Role in the Teaching of Organizational Behavior in Higher Education. The Case of Hospitality Management
Intercultural management for engineers - A teaching design for intercultural competences in a French graduate school of Engineering
The teaching of the economics sciences and management in BTS (TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE), in Guadeloupe - between prescribed national and regional socioeconomic context
Online Knowledge Creation and Management Groups in a University Teaching Training Program
The Universal Design of the Regular Classroom Management and Teaching in the Elementary and Junior High School.
Student and Staff Perceptions of a Learning Management System for Blended Learning in Teacher Education
Developing and translating a new model for teaching empowerment into routine chronic care management: an international patient-centered project
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