Ethics in Higher Education
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An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Data Culture and Vocational Training
An Exploration of Experiential Learning in Social Entrepreneurship
Community relations for higher education: an exploration of current practices in the United States with recommendations for application in the Philippines
Reacting to Self-Selected Young Adult (YA) Literature: An Exploration of Students’ Reading Experiences in an Alternative High School
Transformative learning: An exploration of the BA in Community and Family Studies graduates’ experiences
Tending the Fire: Exploration of Transformation through Living Inquiry and Everyday Alchemy.
Enhancing Readiness: an Exploration of the New Zealand Qualified Firefighter Programme
Improving research and learning in higher education in portugal: Digital resources, e-books, and a discovery system as enabling factors for students
CHIME: an Adaptive Hierarchical Representation for Continuous Intrinsically Motivated Exploration
An Exploration of the Experience of Adults with Learning Disabilities Through Art
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