Ethics in Higher Education
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Power to the People: Employee Empowerment in Contemporary Organizations
Mobile Phones, Social Relations, and the Gatekeepers to Women's Empowerment in Maasai Households
Community members' perceptions of higher education institutions' community engagement projects : the case of the WIN platform of the North-West University
Are women included in the private turn? : a case study on how women's empowerment is taken into account in Finnfund's investments to the global south
Education and Obedience
The development of trust in project preparation phase of multicultural projects – are long-term exchanges a key for successful cooperation?
Preparedness of emergency care providers from a local authority emergency management service for online continuous professional development
Política de educação permanente em saúde no Piauí: análise a partir da atuação da Comissão de Integração Ensino Serviço do Vale do Rio Guaribas
Meeting the Challenge of Rapid Change in Media Industries: A Case Study in Media Programs at Canadian Colleges, Polytechnics, and Universities
Understanding Empathic Engagement of a Fourth-Year Nursing Student Through Narrative Inquiry
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