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Aim: ESEP provides a global stage for presenting, discussing and developing issues concerning ethics in science, environmental politics, and ecological and economic ethics.

  • Disscussion of ethical considerations and implications in science and environmental politics
  • Monitoring and weighing of interactions between environment and human activities
  • Possibilities of corrections of human behaviour, political and economical developments and their implementation
  • Promoting and teaching environmental awareness and human responsibilities
  • Presentation and discussion of related philosophical concepts and perspectives
  • Discussion of cultural implications concerning scientific methods and discourse, and environmental and science politics
  • Consequences for political decision making


ISSN: 1863-5415 /E-ISSN: 1611-8014



The library is in the process of gathering all the articles of Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics from 2001 (1) to 2013 (13/1).




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  • Political ethics
  • Environmental ethics