Future of Ecumenism in Asia

Workgroup Information

Future of Ecumenism in Asia

Learning Ecumenism Together: Resources from Asian Perspectives
A Joint Publication Project of CCA and WCC

Rev.Dr. Dietrich Werner ETE
Dr. Hope Antne CCA

The need for resources for learning and teaching ecumenism has been expressed by many theological educators and students in various occasions – e.g. at the 2008 Theological Teachers' Academy of the Association of Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA), the 2008 meeting of the Regional Committee of the South Asia Solidarity Endowment Fund for Theological Education (SASEFTE), and at various meetings conducted by the Christian Conference of Asia – Faith, Mission and Unity program area (CCA-FMU). Building on what is already there – with modules on ecumenism used at the Asian Ecumenical Course of CCA and the publication of two volumes of A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia, the idea of producing a resource book which can be used by educators and learners as well as grassroots people came about.

Writers will come from ATESEA, BTESSC, ETE and other theological education and associations in Asia. Efforts will be made to include as many voices – e.g. from various denominations, women, and various perspectives. Work will be coordinated by CCA-FMU. The resource book will not follow the traditional historical periods of Western ecumenical movement but will focus on unique expressions of ecumenism in Asia, and the contemporary challenges and contextual demands for a wider Asian ecumenism. It will be from Asian perspectives and will include major contextual key articles, historical overviews, and bibliography.

1. To articulate Asian perspectives on ecumenism, take into consideration various sub-regional, denominational and theological perspectives.
2. To produce a resource book on ecumenism with Asian perspectives for theological educators, students and grassroots people in Asia.

Editorial Team
An editorial team consisting of representatives from the major theological associations will work on the materials: A Wati Longchar (BTESSC), Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro (ATESEA), Hyunju Bae (Northeast Asia), Hope S. Antone (CCA-FMU) and Dietrich (WCC-ETE). Work will be coordinated by CCA-FMU staff.

Expected Beneficiaries (direct or indirect)
Theological institutions and churches in Asia will be the primary beneficiaries of this project. Teachers and students will soon have a resource book on ecumenism from Asian perspectives.

Impact indicators (expected outcome)
1. Theological faculty, students and church members with a better understanding of and commitment to wider ecumenism in Asia.
2. Theological libraries enriched with a resource book on ecumenism with Asian perspectives.

Deadline for confirming acceptance of invitation to be writer: 30 August 2010
Deadline for submission of articles: 30 December 2010
Submit confirmation and articles to: Hope S. Antone (CCA-FMU) at

Publication date: October 2011