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Collegiate CSR Competition China
Ethical Global Economy Iran
Religion and Decent Work OPEN WORKGROUP
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African Churches Assets Programme (ACAP) The African Churches Assets Programme ACAP is a project for churches and church-related organisations such as hospitals, schools and National Councils...
Anthology of Asian Christianity
Braucht Globalisierung eine Globale Ethik? Seminar FS12
Calvins Ethik und seine Wirkungsgeschichte bis zu Karl Barth Blockseminar Frühlingssemester 2016
Contextual Theologies of Diaconia – Ecumenical Diaconia Handbook
Eco-Theology and Ethics of Sustainability
Ethics Education - Strategy for Success Workshop
Global Consultation on Lutheran Identity
Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2018 (GETI 2018)
Global Ethics Forum Documentation
Global Survey of Business Ethics Regional Coordinator Workgroup
GlobeTheoLib Consultation 2018 The objective of this workgroup is to discuss the concept paper "Integration of GlobeTheoLib (GTL) into the Consortium on Ethics in Hig...
Globethics Consortium (GEC) Documentation
Globethics Consortium (GEC) Expert Committee WIP
Globethics Consortium (GEC) Launch Meeting
Globethics Consortium (GEC) Product Development
Globethics Consortium (GEC) Steering Committee Board Communications and Library Development Regional Programmes Website Development
GOU Nigeria: International Politics (Course IRE 312)
GOU Nigeria: Master Course Business Ethics
GOU Nigeria: Master Course Cyber Ethics
GOU Nigeria: Political Behaviour (Course POL 316)
GTL Consortium
GTL Leadership Group
International Reference Group- WCC-EAA
Interreligious Group
Islamic Ethics Special Collection
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Library Submissions
Network of Institutions of Higher Ecumenical Theological Education (NIHETE) The Network is an initiative of the EEF Commission in cooperation with ETE to foster connections, collaborations, sharing and encouragement between te...
Reformation, Education, Transformation - International Twin Consultation Project 2015/2016
Religion and Decent Work
Resources and Best Practice Models on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security The aim of the working group Resources and Best Practice Models on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security is to keep the participants of the V...
Seminario Internacional de Ética en la Educación Superior, una dimensión transversal - EES2019
WCC- EAA - 'Food for Life Campaign' Strategy Group