Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals

Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals

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Course Description

The course is intended for teachers and/or researchers in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and helps them to recognise, understand and address ethical issues on personal, institutional and professional levels. As a course participant, you will be asked to reflect on current policies and practices within your institution and in the broader higher education arena. You will be given the knowledge and tools to approach these from an ethical perspective. On a personal level, you will also be given opportunities in ethical decision making and as a result, you will develop a self-assessment of your own norms and values.



Programme Ethics for Teachers
Course Code 2102
Duration 10 weeks (Starting on 2019)
Study Method Distance learning

Try now this short teaser. It will give you a short introduction to ethical decision making 




This course is delivered in ten weekly modules on topical issues, designed by world-class experts and professors in applied and organisational ethics from renowned institutions. The first week is devoted to an introduction and the last to a final assignment. Throughout the modules, you will be invited to exchange with your peers in the forum and reflect on thought-provoking dilemmas and case studies.
Topic / Activity Estimated workload
Introductory week: forum discussion with introductions 2 hrs
1. Why should I be ethical? 3.5 hrs
2. Ethical Decision Making 3.5 hrs
3. Ethics of Service Delivery 3.5 hrs
4. Publication Ethics: Institutional Publication Strategy 3.5 hrs
5. Measures on Plagiarism Issues in your Institution 3.5 hrs
6. Certification Ethics: Corruption, Ghost Writers and Bought Exams 3.5 hrs
7. Discrimination and Harassment: Academic Workplace Bullying 3.5 hrs
8. University Codes of Ethics, Rules and Regulations 3.5 hrs
Personal research and final assignment 10 hrs


Teaching Methods

After the first introduction to the online platform and to other course participants, you are asked to complete 8 online modules that will consist of online interactive lessons, lecture materials, videos and forum discussions. The course will be interactive, which means that participants and workgroup leaders will be active on the same topics in the same timeframe (week). Online interaction and active engagement from your peers on the subject matter will help you to keep up the rhythm of assignments of the respective modules. At the end of the training, you will be asked to submit a final assignment of about 2,000 words on an ethical issue in your own context. The total workload is estimated at 40 hours.

Registration and Fees

Tuition fees*:

Participants Low Income Countries  100 USD
Participants Middle Income Countries 150 USD
Participants High Income Countries 200 USD
Consortium discount: institutional members get a 20% reduction if registration exceeds 20 students for one intake. 
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